Parent-child bond: childhood determines life

Parent-child bond: childhood determines life

Your parenting style, your role model function as the closest caregiver, and the closeness to you set elementary milestones – early childhood experiences are saved and shape your child’s personality from the subconscious into adulthood. A close relationship with you will prepare your child for their future.


Providing children with a healthy basis for life

What is most important for your child’s healthy emotional development? It depends on you and needs you. It loves you more than anything and admires you. If you want to develop a good bond with him, the most important thing is to be THERE. You will not always immediately understand where the problem is, and you will not be able to meet every request. However, any situation you survive together will create a close relationship and strengthen your bond. Your child knows this way: “I am not alone, mom or dad are always there for me and accompany me on my way.”


Build healthy bonds – avoid early childhood stress

Children have very sensitive antennae: if an important caregiver is sick, the small family members are also taken with them. Sometimes the parents don’t understand each other anymore, and a divorce ensues. It is important to show your child that such situations cannot break the connection with you – together you are strong.

If people in your immediate environment are mentally ill, addicted to alcohol, or even violent, we recommend that you seek outside support for yourself and your family. The first point of contact can be the socio-educational family support team and the parents’ emergency number. The most important step is to seek and receive help. There is always a way to make the situation better.


Your child’s mental health is directly related to their bond with you

If a child’s bond with their parents is disturbed in the long term, this has serious consequences. If a healthy basic trust cannot be built up in the first years of life, it will feel this in interpersonal relationships in adolescence and adulthood. Many mental illnesses actually originate in childhood. Above all, negative attachment experiences leave a “stress scar” in the adult brain. This includes situations in which a little person is left to himself in moments of full emotion. At a young age, children cannot get over a stressful situation on their own. So yours also needs your loving support so that it can leave such an experience behind. In this way, you can already contribute a large part to your child’s healthy psychological development.


Raising children – lovingly and consistently

Perhaps you are now wondering whether you can even do it all. In addition, it is expected that you will make a well-behaved little person out of your offspring. Many so-called parenting tips are out of date these days and, above all, damage the parent-child relationship. What others think about your upbringing is therefore of secondary importance. The well-being of your family is paramount. Your sweetheart has taken you deep into his heart from the very beginning and knows when you make an effort with him. He or she won’t hold you against if you are not always perfect. Because whether you can develop a close bond depends mainly on whether you encounter him in a manner guided by love and benevolence – building on this, you will most certainly raise your child well.

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