Must-Have for Newborn Twins

Must-Have for Newborn Twins

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Must-Have for Newborn Twins

Unless you come from a twin yourself, the first reaction every parent of twins has when they hear the news is shock, before excitement gets a chance to sneak in. Once you get over the shock however, reality sets in that you need to rethink your budget, prepare the house for two extra people and more importantly, shop.

Oh, that word. What do you buy, where do you buy, and what sizes should you get? 

As parents of twins, I understand the panic. The advice at this point is relax because it’s all going to work out. While undoubtedly overwhelming because of all the product choices out there, shopping for twins is pretty much the same as any baby shopping. Figure out baby gear you need versus what you want to avoid filling the house with stuff you will never use.

When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff for Twins?

While there is no rule about when you should start buying baby stuff for twins, the period between 13 and 25 weeks is best. The first trimester is full of physical ups and downs for the pregnant mom and is also when many miscarriages happen. After week 13, the pregnancy is stable for the most part, and you have even started sharing the good news with other people.

That aside, the babys’ gender can also determine when you will start shopping. If you want to know the sex of the babies, you have to wait until week 20 for the ultrasound results and then start shopping, unless you don’t mind spending few hundred dollars for additional exams that will tell you the sex early on.

You can also hold off the shopping if you are having a baby shower, which ideally takes place after the 30th week. If you are a planner, check the registry to see what has been ticked and then buy the stuff that no one else is buying. If a friend of yours buys it for the baby shower, you can just return it because it’s unused.

The period between 13 and 25 weeks is where the mom feels their best, so it’s good to take advantage of it. Buying baby essentials early enough also gives you time to try them and return if something is wrong. 

This came in handy in our case because we had ordered the wrong stroller/car seat combo and had to return it and get the right one on time.

What Size Should I Buy for Newborn Twins?

Twins grow just as fast as single babies, so you have to factor that in when buying essentials. Whatever you put on your registry, whether it’s a crib, car seat or even those cute baby chairs, make sure it’s adjustable to fit them as they grow longer and bigger.

For example, you can buy a convertible crib that later on becomes a toddler bed. While most kid’s items will come with this adjustable option, you still have to plan to buy bigger stuff when they outgrow the initial items. That won’t happen for at least two or more years, though.

What are the Main Things a Newborn Baby Needs?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all a child needed was love and milk? Unfortunately, there is no such luck.

When making a list of must-have baby products, you only need to consider their needs one by one. For example, eating as a need requires a nursing pillow, baby bottles, and a breast pump at least for the first few months when they are exclusively breastfeeding or taking formula. Do this with sleeping, going out, and bathing.

There are also items that are meant to make parenting just a little bit easier. These include baby monitor, lounger, stroller, carrier, white noise machine, music CD and so forth.

That said, essential items for new-born twins as well as singleton babies include;

  • Diapers 
  • Wipes
  • Diaper bag
  • Receiving blankets
  • Humidifier
  • Pacifier
  • Swaddling blanket
  • Baby bottles
  • Clothes
  • Baby bather
  • Changing table and mat

Must Have For New Born Twins: Items Every Parents of Twins Must Have

1. Double Frame Stroller

Next to diapers on the list of must-haves for twins is a double frame stroller. Carrying two babies around with a carrier, while doable, is not something you should subject your body to often. 

Why a stroller frame and not a complete travel stroller? Well, because it’s much lighter and easier to manage. You also don’t want to keep taking the babies out of their car seats and waking them up whenever you need to pack and go. With a stroller frame, all you need to do is unlock the car seats from the car and snap them on the frame to go. The important thing here is to make sure the car seats are compatible with the stroller frame.

Baby Trend Snap N Go or the Joovy Twin Roo Plus are two very lightweight and easy to use frames that you can throw into your trunk and go. If you have a toddler, the UPPAbaby Vista has a third place for them so you can carry three.

2. Infant Car Seats

While you won’t have to buy two of everything simply because you have twins, you won’t avoid purchasing two infant car seats. In most places, you can’t leave the hospital without infant car seats, so it’s better to buy them early enough.

For us, we had to do a lot of math around this because our other kids aren’t exactly independent. They still need their car seats. 

We considered getting a double stroller car seat combo that would fit four kids, but we couldn’t get one with the right ages. Everything in the market favored kids who were closer in age, which would not work for us. Finally, we went with a twin double stroller combo for the boys and let the girls keep their cars seat.

The carrier portion of the seat is removed from the base, which remains in the car. You can then snap this carrier on a stroller frame or carry it with your hands without waking up the babies. Perfect when you have twins because the last thing you need is fussy kids as you walk around.

We recommend The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Featuring TrueShield Technology because it’s their safest infant car seat yet. This simple ride comes with a silent shade canopy, 4-position adjustable base and easy to read level indicator, so installation is a breeze. You can also adjust the handle with one hand, and it’s compatible with the Baby Trend Snap N Go double stroller frame.

The Chicco Fit2 car seats are also great because they grow with your babies longer than any other car seat, thanks to the adjustable extended legroom. Your twins can stay in the rear-facing position until they are two in these car seats, giving you more value for your money.

3. Convertible Cribs

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, twins should sleep in their own cribs. This reduced incidents of sudden death syndrome (SIDS). 

Although we had the twins cribs in the bedroom where they can each have their space, we found the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Bassinet for Twins a lifesaver. Obviously, we didn’t want to keep going upstairs during the day when the boys were awake. 

Instead, we needed to know we could entertain and take care of the twin baby around the house, including putting the babies to sleep. When they got older, we had to do away with the Pack n Play pen bassinets, but we eventually had to get a second pen that would fit both kids comfortably.

Also on our recommendation list is the Delta Children Emery Convertible Baby Crib is an awesome 4-in-1 crib, and the only one your twins will need in the next foreseeable future. The crib converts from a mini crib for infants to an open crib for toddlers and then a full bed when they outgrow the crib. If you want to place it right next to your bed, you can open one side of the crib completely, so it locks into your bed and becomes one, making it easier for you to take care of the baby at night.

4. Carriers

The benefits of babywearing are well documented. It helps with bonding, especially when you have to share your attention between two kids, and help them be more emotionally adjusted. 

Once you have twins, multitasking takes on a whole new dimension. Having a way to take the babies around as you do your daily tasks really helps. We also found it’s a great way to get babies to catch some z’s as they listen to your heartbeat and feel your warmth.

More importantly, a carrier will be perfect when you need to carry the babies to a crowded place, where a stroller will be a nuisance.

During those first few months, invest in a wrap-style carrier that won’t separate their legs or stretch their spine. The Boba Wrap was our favorite as it is super stretchy and great for tandem-wrapping. As they grow a little stronger, the Minimonkey Twin Wrap does it better because of the added structural features.

If you are not into wraps, the Weego Carrier is a soft structured infant baby carrier that makes carrying new-born twins so much easier.

Once the twins are past the infant stage, a huge world of carriers opens for them. Our best was the TwinGo because it’s sturdy and secure whether you are carrying one baby or two.

5. Double Breastfeeding Pillow

Besides being intimidating, breastfeeding twins is also complicated. A comfortable breastfeeding pillow can help with the mechanics of it, especially when you need to breastfeed both of them together.

For those moms who aren’t planning to breastfeed, this pillow will still be beneficial. It’s the perfect place for your twins to chill during feeding as they drink from their bottles. With it, you can feed two babies at the same time easier.

Twin Z Pillow is highly rated by moms, but our top pick goes to My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins is our number one recommendation for many reasons. It has a Velcro strap to secure the pillow around your waist as your breastfeed, and it’s much firmer than other pillows, which helps hold the twins in place and improve your posture.

This pillow also comes with a removable and machine washable cover because you can count on your twins spitting on it. It’s large enough to fit two babies comfortably, and the large multipurpose pockets keep everything you need close by. With this pillow, feeding two kids will be easier and comfortable for everyone.

6. Bouncer seats

Again, you cannot hold/carry your babies all day long. Bouncer seats, also called baby loungers play the role of holding and rocking your babies for you so your hands can rest a bit. The best thing about these bouncer seats is that they are light enough so you can take them to the kitchen as you cook, outside as you garden, and everywhere else you go.

These are also the perfect place to bottle feed your babies together and then let them rest. We often placed our twins on these seats in the afternoon and rocked them gently with our feet until they fell asleep. Because the seat has an inline, babies won’t have trouble when they spit-up.

Want to go to the bathroom for a second, and there is no one to watch the babies? Simply strap them in one of these rocker chairs, and they will be safe and calm.

However, you should not leave them to nap in the rocker. Once the babies fall asleep, transfer them to their crib for more comfort.

7. An Organized Diaper Bag

Now for things you only need one of, an organized diaper bag is a lifesaver when you have twins. When choosing one, make sure it has as many pockets and compartments as possible to help you organize all the baby stuff you will be carrying. It must also have an insulated compartment for bottles and baby wipes container.

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is the perfect combo for parents of new-born twins. Besides having 14 organized pockets to hold diapers, toys and clothing, it also comes with a large changing pad and four insulated bottle pockets. 

You can wear it as a backpack, which is easier than carrying it on your shoulders but you can also hang it on the stroller. As every good diaper bag should, they have also included a wet bag for those soiled clothes.

7. An Organized Diaper Bag

Now for things you only need one of, an organized diaper bag is a lifesaver when you have twins. When choosing one, make sure it has as many pockets and compartments as possible to help you organize all the baby stuff you will be carrying. It must also have an insulated compartment for bottles and baby wipes container.

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is the perfect combo for parents of new-born twins. Besides having 14 organized pockets to hold diapers, toys and clothing, it also comes with a large changing pad and four insulated bottle pockets. 

You can wear it as a backpack, which is easier than carrying it on your shoulders but you can also hang it on the stroller. As every good diaper bag should, they have also included a wet bag for those soiled clothes.

8. Baby monitor

A baby monitor will help check on the babies, without entering their room and waking them up. But today’s monitors do more than that. They can monitor the room temperature, the twins breathing and even sing lullabies for them in your voice.

A baby monitor with a camera can also help you see what the twins are doing and how they are sleeping. You can carry on with your work without worry because you can see and hear the sleeping babies from wherever you are.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is our number 1 recommendation for twins who share a bedroom.

9. Double Bassinet Twin Sleeper

Even with a baby monitor, sometimes parents prefer to have the babies closer to them. You can use a double bassinet in the living room area during the day instead of taking the kiddos to sleep in their rooms.

If you are nervous new parents, a bassinet is a perfect way for babies to stay in your bedroom according to the international Guidelines. This will make night feeds so much easier so you can have some semblance of rest during those first few months.

The HALO double bassinet twin sleeper separates the babies and feels like separate beds. It can adjust up, down or side to side and it’s lightweight enough that you can move it easily from room to room.

Having your little angels right there gives you more peace of mind as you do other things and reduces your reaction time if anything bad happens.

10. Sound Machine

A sound machine is one of the most forgotten items in the list of baby must-haves, but we found ours to be invaluable. Every minute of sleep you can get will help prevent insanity, and this is where a sound machine comes in. 

Besides soothing the little ones back to sleep when they wake up at night, a sound machine helps one twin sleep through the noise when the one wakes up and starts crying. Eventually, twins learn to sleep through each other’s noise, but the sound machine helps in the beginning.

Our Homedics white noise machine became a significant part of raising our twins the first year, and we used it every day. It was so handy that our babies couldn’t hear any noise coming outside the house.

11. Thermometer

While most moms can tell a baby has a fever by merely feeling their forehead, a thermometer helps to get an actual reading. Depending on the reading, you will know whether to manage the fever at home or rush the baby to the hospital. 

For babies under 3 months, a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more calls for immediate action. A rectal thermometer with digital readings is the best at this age because of accuracy though it’s not as easy to use.

Twin Baby Registry Items to Skip

As you prepare to welcome those newborn twins home, you will likely feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you will find in baby shops. Baby registry suggestion lists don’t help either as they make you think you need to buy everything under the sun.

After bringing up a twin set and a single child, we can tell you some of those things will never be used. In fact, almost half of that registry list will be sitting in your baby’s room collecting dust for months.

To save you from wasting your money, here are 3 items you may not need when you have twins.

Rocking chair

When you have one child, rocking together with your bundle of joy as you enjoy a good book or listen to a podcast is pretty much the dream. This doesn’t work so well with twins though because the three of you can’t comfortably fit in a rocking chair. Instead, splurge on an oversized love seat or one-seater couch that has room for everyone.


The idea of warming the baby bottles, wipes and even food before use is comforting for new moms. When you have two infants, however, keeping it simple is the way to go. Warmers will take up space that you don’t have and add to the luggage. Instead, buy a nice diaper bag with insulated pockets to keep the bottles and baby wipes warm for a long time. Having bottle holders may however come in handy. Although we didn’t use them as much, these bad boys will help you when bottle feeding your little ones, especially when you are alone. Some parent’s swear by them, and I believe them. They are also a great way for some hands-free feeding especially when the two babies are fussy.

Shopping hammock

As a parent, you are capable of anything, and that includes shopping with two kiddos on hand. That, however, is not something that will likely happen when the kids are small. We found that ordering from bulk shops like Costco is a much easier and of course, cheaper alternative. When you absolutely have to go to the store, using a carrier makes it easier to move around and is safer for the kids.

Final Word

Shopping for twins is considerably more expensive than shopping for one child. You can reduce that figure by choosing items that will serve you for a long time and those that both the kids can share. Adding some of these essentials to your baby registry will also help lighten the load as your friends will try to get them for you during the baby shower. If you can find parents who’ve had twins recently, they can help you with items they no longer use as well as some much-needed advice on how to survive twins. All the items mentioned are available on Amazon and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. While we know these are not set on stone, we found them helpful and hope you will too.

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