How to Be a Good Father: 10 Things You Can Do Today!

How to Be a Good Father: 10 Things You Can Do Today!

What makes a good father, and what can you do today to be a good dad to your child? Let our tips inspire you.


What makes a good father

Being a good father sounds like a big undertaking, but it is often not because of the great deeds that make you a good dad. Rather, the little things count for your children, and you shouldn’t just do them on the side if possible. Here are ten things you can do today to be a good father.


  1. Pay attention to your child

A baby wants to be paid attention from the day it is born, and this is usually conveyed through loud crying. Of course, a baby gets most of the attention right now, but this desire does not decrease with age. Children want recognition and attention. Many things are done by your child for the first time or done correctly, so as a dad, you should always keep your eyes open to be able to praise your child in the right place.


  1. Reading aloud Reading

aloud is one of the things that promote early childhood education. Regular reading supports the development of language and understanding. Often it is not so important what you read, but rather that you do it at all. Your voice has a calming effect on your child, and you can sink into another world together. Here you can find more tips for an exciting reading session.


  1. Cuddling

Children need petting and physical contact every day. You can show your child your love by hugging them every day and saying how much you like them, that you are proud, or just looking forward to spending time with them.


  1. Conversations

As a parent, one has a lot of conversation and a lot. The children are often left out and not included. But children would also like to chat and communicate. As parents, make sure that you offer your children this opportunity to exchange ideas. Be interested in what your child is doing, how they spend their time, and what concerns them.


  1. Fascination

Fathers have a very special fascination, so you should use this too. Your children are already enthusiastic followers of yours. Do not let this feeling fall asleep, and try to fascinate your children again and again. It doesn’t take much for that – simple things give memories: Just find a hideout, a pillow fight, make clay together or fold planes.


  1. Overcautious

Fathers, in particular, want to protect their children from all possible dangers and keep them away from all harm, but by doing this, you may be doing your child a favor today but certainly not for the future. Children need to learn and prepare for life. Of course, protect it from danger, but give it enough space to discover it on its own.


  1. Father time with rituals

Just like mother time, you should also have father time. A time that is only for your children and you. Find your own rituals!


  1. Romping around

Boys and girls feel good when you squabble with them every now and then. Romping around is not only part of a healthy father-child relationship, it also promotes daily physical contact.


  1. Listening

Parents are often stressed, want to get things done and always find something important to do. As a result, children are often poorly heard. But you should take the time to listen today. That is simply part of respectful cooperation.


  1. Understanding

Children are little personalities who learn something new every day. Nobody came into this world and did not make mistakes. So show understanding for your children, especially in stressful everyday situations, and admit mistakes or weaknesses yourself.

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