Becoming a father: four tips for future dads

Becoming a father: four tips for future dads

Small heartbeats, the first ultrasound image, preparation for the birth: this is an exciting time for fathers-to-be, too.

It’s exciting, a small miracle, and yet it can be quite overwhelming: When men find out that they are going to be fathers, it’s a cause for joy. After all, not only is a new citizen on the way, he also comes halfway after them.


Become a father, tip 1: Find out more together

Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, it is difficult for men to grasp that they are going to be a dad and what is going on with their baby – after all, the belly of their partner is barely visible. And yet not only does the woman change, the relationship also changes. After all, the three of you will soon be. Therefore, whenever possible, accompany your partner to the preventive medical check-ups at the gynecologist and midwife. There you can see your little one growing up via the ultrasound, and you can even hear their heartbeat. Couples are also allowed to attend the birth preparation course together.


Become a father, tip 2: Build your little nest together

Choosing the furnishings for the baby room, buying the first items of clothing, painting the little room, searching for a name – this makes the idea that you will soon be a father even more real. Important: Pregnant women are not allowed to lift heavily. So feel free to relieve your partner of this work and plan your new life together.


Tip: As an expectant father, prepare everything at home for the time after the birth. Cook dishes that you can freeze and thaw as needed and buy diapers and the like before your little one is born. Because the hours and days with a newborn fly by so quickly and are so precious that you don’t want to spend it hectically searching for nappies and the like.


Become a father, tip 3: talk to your partner

Can I become a dad? Am I up to it? Worries and fears are quite normal during this time and should also be taken seriously by your partner. Discuss everything that is on your mind in peace and quiet.


Become a father, tip 4: take parental leave

Who will stay at home in the future, and how long and when the child can and should come to daycare: These are all questions that you and your partner will ask yourself before you become a father. Many fathers-to-be now apply for two “father months” of parental leave. However, most of the time, it is still the woman who spends the first few years at home. But why, actually? We say: Free yourself from role stereotypes and do the math together. Becoming a dad is great, being a dad is so much more. Dare to take parental leave as well.

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