4 Tips every new dad should know

4 Tips every new dad should know

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Follow these tips for a smooth transition for both you and your partner. Here are 4 things every new dad should know.

Get ready, your lifestyle will change

And it’s not like change happens overnight; But unlike women, men do not carry their child for 9 months. Therefore the impact of being a father for the first time is very strong.

The reason for these modifications will depend on the dynamics in the relationship and the expectations that your partner has with the fact of being parents.

Take care of your mental and emotional health

According to ethnographic and anthropological studies, it has been revealed that around 40% of the different human cultures develop parental behavior, and the main social structure in which it is favored is monogamous.

In such a way, a father can connect emotionally with his children on the same level as a mother, which will depend on how much the mother allows to get closer to the father in that relationship.

Sometimes when trying to get closer to their children, parents completely change their habits, leaving behind their social life and as a couple.

To avoid falling into emotional conflicts due to the arrival of the new member, the psychologist recommends:

  • Don’t isolate yourself – get active and socialize.
  • Find support networks – Organize meetings with other parents where you can share parenting experiences.
  • Talk to your partner about your expectations of parenting and make agreements – Be clear with your partner about what you hope for and what you want to achieve in parenting.

If emotionally the couple feels satisfied with parenting, there will be a greater closeness to the children.

Following these recommendations in addition to having adequate nutrition, physical activity, and maintaining good sleep hygiene, can help maintain good mental health.

Ask for help, you are not alone

Although men generally turn to their parents or friends for support or accompaniment during fatherhood, there is already a culture about mental health.

 The increase in the search for psychological help has to do with the generational change; millennial parents are more aware of their needs, causing the stigma of talking to a psychologist to gradually decrease.

Some main causes for which parents seek psychological help are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders

Generally, this psychological help is sought during the first two years of parenting , as the couple organizes and modifies their lifestyle due to the new member’s arrival.

And this happens because they may feel unsuccessful or frustrated at not playing a good role as a parent or because their children do not reflect their expectations of achievement.

Adopt good habits to be an exemplary parent

Being an exemplary father is a great responsibility since a series of skills must be developed that promote and support children’s integral development. There will be times when routine and daily conflicts will cause you to miss the point.

There is no manual to educate children, however, you can adopt some key points to be a good father; the psychologist mentions the following:

  • Preach by example.
  • Manage your emotions.
  • Do not over gratify the children, or over-frustrate them.
  • Set clear, fast, and precise limits.
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