Why I started this blog

I think he resembles a bulldog. You know, fierce in appearance, but in reality, he’s a big marshmallow when you get to know him.

This is where curiousbillgentlebull.com came from.

I remember we would easily find ourselves into trouble for getting dirty after playing in the mud or getting wet after playing in the rain. Of course, we would also get into trouble simply for our behavior, but that’s a story for another post.

We didn’t care. We were happy. It was bliss!

I promised myself that I would give my kids the same experience I had growing. Obviously, it wouldn’t be exactly the same, but I wanted them to have the same joy I had growing up in a ‘crowd.’

Fast forward to today, years after I had my last sand bath and leave the airplane. I’m married to a beautiful wife, and we have four kids together: two girls and twin boys.

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